2007 musitronics

New EXB Boards for
KORG TRITON Classic series
(Triton, Triton Pro, Triton Pro X, Triton Rack, Karma)

powerd by XPRODATA and musitronics

EXB-11 Organ Legends

Player and the audience take a virtual tour of the organ events of the last 40 Years. Encomparissing both - electronic and electromagnetic Instruments. Think about the phantastic sounds of popular organ players, of instruments which strongly influenced the music genre or simply on legends. Even the good old "ryhtm beater", the analog drum machines have their special come-back.

All sounds are programmed in a way that even whitout intermediate knowlege you can immense into the the organ universe. Rotor-effects, sustain, drawbars, all specific sound-parameters handled carefuly at its creation. Even 9&11 footage organ modells are playable.

Programed by the musican and sound specialist Dietmar Dellisen, worked also als demonstrator for KORG.

In combination with the fantastic sounds of the TRITON a indispensable board for organ players.

  • Legend organ sounds of different manufactures
  • Pop-Organ, Jazz-Organ, Entertainment-Organ, Theatre Organ 
  • Register, Drawbars, Percussions, Sustain, Effects like Rotor-Cabinett, Click etc.
  • New inovative operating concept for organ sounds 
  • New combinations 
  • All 9 B3 choros & percussions single registerable 

Some sound Demos (mp3):


modern lead-free design based on flash technology, so it is possible to update the board. We can also design boards with induviduall contenet, for more information please contact us.

For price and delivery time please send us an e-Mail:info@musitronics.de