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New Expansion Boards for
KORG PA1X series

powerd by XPRODATA and musitronics

XMS1 Golden Entertainer    XMS2 Organ Legends     XMS4 Digital Concert Piano

XMS1 Golden Entertainer

The absolut basic-board for the KORG PA1X/Pro! With  this ultimative expansion board - XMS1 - the PA1X/Pro will be completed with all sound a modern entertainer needs.

All sounds are programmed to supplement and complete PA1X/Pro internal sound perfectly.

The XMS1 was programmed by  Dietmar Dellisen, one of the first demonstrartors and programmers of the PA1X/Pro at KORG. HIs excellent knowledge as music producer and musican and his giant studio-sound- archieve made these fantastic sounds possible.

Not only styles and sound but the whole compatibility to GM, GS & XG Midifiles had been revised. In addition, there is the much better adaption fot style created with the EMC Styleworks.The XMS1 board (hardware itselfes) includes 319 drum, percussion & effect sounds with all studio effecta as well as 57 new multisamples,  256 new sounds and 64 drumkits.

the actuals software v3 includes 87 new multisample, more than 150 new sounds, 128 user-drumkits, more than 200 new styles.

  • Midifiles sounds very professional
  • All sounds & styles have more agility
  • 256 new single-sounds + more than 150 new sounds from software
  • 64 new drumkits + 128 user-drumkits from software
  • New styles in the areas: Pop-Songs - Oldies - Danceclassics - Standards
  • A lot of factory styles are newly adapted with the XMS1
  • Full support of Midifile Optimizer 4 Pro from Midiland

      Here some demo songs:



modern lead-free design based on flash technology, so it is possible to update the board.

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